Thank you so much Lenise - Tonight’s call was beautiful. You are a gift, a gem, and an oasis. Your spirit is refreshing and your words feel like rain on dry soil. Thank you for this evenings affirmations and standing in faith with and for me, that the love I desire can/will be my portion. Thank you so much again and I will take a look at your email. Sending love & gratitude your way!

Ashley N.

New York, NY

Thank you for being a breath of fresh air, a listening ear, understanding without judgement and for sharing your gift with me. You allowed me to open up about something most don’t know about and I appreciate you for that.

God has blessed you with an amazing gift and I pray you continue to use it to bless and enlighten the world with it! 

Chanel B.

Oakland, CA

Thank you so much for this clarity call!! It was so much of what I (didn’t even know) needed!! i love how you really made me think about and express out loud what I really desire and envision for my life. The affirmations were amazing and resonated deeply with me! You have such a gift!!! My spiritual bath was amazing as well! Loved the song you sent me!! It was just divine all around sis! Thank u so much for being invested in bringing clarity into people's lives! Love u for all that u do! 

-Whitney J.

Whitney J.

Newark, NJ

Working with We CreateShop was God sent! At first, I was skeptical about what she does and thought to myself, can this really work? Does this really work?  But then, I decided to give it a try, the worse is I will be disappointed! To my amazement, I was blown away! During our session, I had so much peace. Hearing someone else come up with affirmations that were perfect fit for my situation was incredible and then the most powerful thing happened, having someone else affirm those affirmation with me was a glorious experience! I cannot fully describe the feeling and emotions running through me but I just had this peace and calm and knew that all will be well! I could feel it even when I could not see it. 

Then something wonderful happened after our session, I slept and began to dream again! Me, that I have found it difficult to dream while asleep or even remember my dream when I woke up. I remembered the dreams vividly and although I still do not fully understand what all the dream means, I just have hope that things are starting to look up. 

And in less than one week of getting the affirmations and repeating them every day, I have had 5 potential paying clients reached out to me on their own! Like, I did do anything like advertising to them or what not, they found me through someone else or of their own accord. I am so super excited! Just today, a potential client that I was suppose to work with over a year ago but decided not to do the work again reached out to me out of the blue and called to say she is ready now. I told her my price and she accepted it! She did not even price it down! In my mind I was like, I should have asked for more! Lol! I am so excited for what the future holds! Thank you so much at We Created Shop for being true to your calling! You are absolutely very good at what you do! Thank you for birthing newness to my being! I highly recommend you connect with We Created Shop! She will transform your life for good!

Omotola A.

St. Louis, MO

I thoroughly enjoyed my clarity call with Lenise this morning. I went into it not really knowing what to expect, but excited at the same time because my spirit called me to sign up for one. I loved how Lenise was patient and guiding as we talked about some of the things I feared in life and business. Through doing the work and being honest about what came when doing the breathing exercises, the affirmation that I truly needed came through: Peace and success can co-exist.  What a true clarity moment it was because PEACE is truly what my heart desires but I didn’t know how to articulate it. Thanks for the work you do, Lenise. I am wishing you continued success and hope you continue to impact MORE clients. I highly recommend a session with you.

Rana C.

Orange, NJ

We all need someone to share our raw self with. Having someone non judgmental but also help you reflect in your inner self is so extraordinary. That is exactly what Lenise is. Her gift has touch so many and speaking to her allowed me to feel vulnerable but also understand why I feel the way I feel. She made me realize that it’s okay to be selfish with you and not feel ashamed. We_createshop is more than a meditation segment, it’s a lifestyle. Are you ready to change your life? If so make sure to reach out and start your  healing. 

-Keshia D.

Keshia D.

Clarity Call

Thank you so much for my impromptu Clarity Call. It was just what I needed. As soon as you spoke my affirmation, tears started to form. Hearing it connected to my spirit and confirmed everything I needed In this moment. I’ve never experienced a clarity call but it was a shift I would encourage everyone to experience. 

-Necole J.

Necole J.

Baltimore, MD/ Clarity Call

Good morning! That convo was so bomb! I was an anxious mess before our talk. I feel so much better, more grounded, more balanced and more at peace. To say you are great at what you do would be a huge understatement!!



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After my call I am more at peace and relaxed. I felt more comfortable with myself more assured of my progress. I know like I had someone on my side and some thing to look forward to and working with Leniese.  I look forward to being a successful sister and partner! As well as healing our feals and goals🖤🖤



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There are no words to describe what I felt during this call. I just want to thank you for your light. You are gifted and I thank you abundantly for sharing your gift.

Thank you for affirming with me this evening. This transformational call was EVERYTHING. 

I look forward to our sistership. 

With love and light,

Sunnie B.

Long Island, NY

Hi Lenise 

So I just want to send much love and appreciation to you. The Restore Self Love Workshop was a breath of fresh air and right on time for me. I am so happy to have met you and for the opportunity you gave me to understand myself in a new way. I looked forward to every meeting and I now have new understanding. I am so grateful. You made me aware of how much time and energy was being spent on replaying and reliving years of hurt shame and guilt, you've given me awareness and tools that I can now use to replace those thoughts and feelings and to especially change my beliefs about myself and how I view others.  It's all rooted in love and learning. Thank you so much for the time and energy you gave and shared with me while in your last trimester of pregnancy. You're an awesome blessing to my life and I am eagerly looking forward to the next class. I see the glass half full  wishing you much more love abundance Thank you Lenise !


Michelle L.

New York, NY

Huge thank you for your time and wonderful workshop this past Saturday! Our parents loved it! The work you do is transformative!

LisaMarie of Big Brothers Big Sisters


On behalf of MomsAnonymous We want to say Thank You from the bottom of our heart. The work that you did on Sunday helped a lot of our women transition within their self. Your expertise is greatly appreciated. Everyone in the room had something positive to say and were introduced to something new. The Music Meditation was a Favorite amongst the room, being able to look into yourself and associate a love song was so Dope! Thank you, Thank You, Thank you. We look forward to collaborating with you and Having a Self Love Workshop at one of our next events.


Queens, NY

One word to describe WeCreate workshops is transformational. The experience has given me the confidence and inspiration to pursue my passions. Before participating in this workshop, I heard of manifestation but didn't know the tools to effectively put it into action. The women whom I was blessed to share this experience with were so supportive in my passions.  Lenise is like a personal cheerleader full of encouragement, optimism, support and non- judgement. She created a space where I felt safe to share a piece of me with women I didn't know.  This is an experience that I will hold dear to my heart.  I will not be a spectator but a forward thinking participant in fulfilling my purpose filled destiny.

Adana Wellington, MSW

Adana W.

Queens, NY

I thoroughly enjoyed the manifestation workshop. I truly feel "richer" because of it. Lenise has a lovely disposition and a calming voice. She listens and asks questions which help to gently breakdown mental and emotional barriers that have been stifling our growth and our innermost potential.  She has a kind and motivational approach which aided me in allowing the answers to my most trying questions to just "come to me". This workshop also helped me make connections with other woman who where on a similar path of emotional and meditative enlightenment. It truly was a beautiful sisterhood, each of us guiding and motivating each other to be greater, to dig deeper, to ask ourselves "why"

With love,


Aimee T.

Bronx, NY

The transformational calls have been a great addition to this entire journey. Sometimes you don’t realize how much control you can have on your life just by affirming and believing that you are enough. This journey has taught me and continues to show me that it is possible to live an ABUNDANT LIFE; however that may look. The calls were a great reminder that one must trust in thyself and believe that there is power in the “word”. I am so appreciative of what Lenise has shared with me and the remaining girls. I know I am still a work in progress but I am just that much more confident when I say I AM BLESSED, I AM DIVINE TRANSFORMATION, I AM COMPASSION, I AM FORGIVENESS.

Gani B.

Brooklyn, NY

Sometimes all you need is a listening ear who dares to ask you the questions that draws out your truth without shame, judgement, but with acceptance, encouragement and gentleness. As a woman who is devoted to serving others by faith, it was necessary and timely to chat with a fellow helper and explore my heartspace to regain proper footing for the journey ahead. Lenise was phenomenal. Ladies we are certainly worth the 30 minutes.

el Toby


The workshop provided a level of intimacy that you only share with your homegirls. We had space to reflect and reimagine new worlds within ourselves. It was a reminder of  choice and what's possible when you have a tribe committed to your growth. 

Syreeta G.

Queens, New York

A Note to Self Loveshop was an eye opener, a space where you can be yourself and full of positive energy. It was an amazing experience and I was able to experience it with my sisters. Lenise thank you for allowing me to be part of this event. I look forward to many more. 

Estefani L.

New York

My experience with "A Note to Self LoveShop" was nothing short of inspiring. I knew that when I agreed to be a part of this I session I was going to be in for something different but I did not anticipate how freeing and rewarding it would be . I was able to dig deep and get in tune with feelings and emotions about myself that I hadn’t explored before. I love how Lenise created an atmosphere where we all felt comfortable to share our vulnerabilities and learn how to become accountable for our actions . I am humbled and grateful for the experience and would definitely recommend my loved ones to try a workshop. 

Jessica G.

New York

I had a 1:1 call with Lenise two weeks ago and not only will I continue these transformational calls with her but I am highly recommending her to others! Trying to figure out your passion to ensure you're fulfilled in your career can be so daunting (at least it is for me any way!), during my call with Lenise she helped me talk through my thoughts and address the things I felt but was too afraid to say. The call started with deep breathing, was followed by a guided conversation and concluded with exercises I can complete on my own. I already started using some of her techniques during my interview process so I am really looking forward to my next call and many more!

Miriam W.

New Jersey

During this workshop I can honestly say I experienced my whole heart open, not only to my emotions but to the emotions of my sisters. This workshop is for us WOMEN! I left feeling a different sense of SELF and WORTH! I advise all my fellow sisters to take this workshop and experience what I have. My daily affirmations has changed my life for the better! I thank you Lenise for this experience! -With Love Yannie

Yannie L.

New York

This is an experience worth attending at least once in your lifetime. It allows you to release all of those emotions you felt you couldn’t share or didn’t even recognize. We CreateShop gives you a sense of empowerment to overcome

any obstacle that stands in the way of receiving your true blessing  and has you walking out feeling relieved. Lenise has a special gift and that gift is uniting sisters to come together and feeling liberated. I am so delighted I was able to be a part of this experience and I will continue to share the word.

Keshia D.

New York

A Note to Self LoveShop was reflective, deep, and created a space where you held yourself accountable for your own thoughts and desires. It created a space where you felt your sisters' life experiences as your own and motivated them to think and do differently!

Quinelle H.

New York


Words cannot describe how powerful your workshop was. I mean you literally get down to the nitty-gritty of what I feel like is at the center of every woman's, especially black woman's, sense of self: masked feelings.You truly uncover a lot of those locked away and neglected feelings - insecurities, self-doubt, and self-esteem - that we are taught to hide and really give depth into understanding and addressing those feelings. My favorite part of this workshop was the meditation. In each session you made us explore those thoughts that can often derail our focus and created a safe environment to share with the group with which we were seated. That aspect of this workshop alone is one of the many reasons why I think your collaborative approach is extremely helpful. You gain insight from those whom you are surrounded by and can take new methods in to your approach when dealing with your thoughts. The level of clarity that has been provided to me by your workshop is unsurpassed by anything I've ever experienced. I have never been able to see my own thoughts with such lucidity and I believe a major part of that is how you opened the workshop: with gratitude. I thank you for doing such an awesome job with your work and I will definitely recommend my friends to you!

Leila W.

New York

Transformative, Tranquil and Unifying… The two day manifestation workshop led by Lenise Harris was beyond anything I have ever experienced. Each exercise conducted forced me to dig deeper into myself and gave me the space to confront thoughts and ideas that I’ve recently suppressed.  I truly appreciated that each workshop emphasized the importance of sisterhood and unity through the incorporation of group activities and group presentations.  I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to participate in this course, you will walk away with your spirit full and re-energized to run towards your passion and mission.  


Alize V. Garcia

New York, NY

I attended the Manifestation workshop with my best friends and when I tell you we couldn't stop talking about it for at least a week..I mean it! Lenise incorporated meditation, videos, questions that made us think and great energy! I am usually not the kind of girl who can relax and mediate, but she made it such a comfortable space, that I felt safe to relax and do the work. Watching all of my friends open up allowed me to learn more about each of them and reminded me that we have so much in common. We left knowing that we were lifelong accountability partners. I left knowing that I needed to continue to do the work, so that everything I manifested became a reality. In a week, I truly started to look at life differently! I made it my mission to be positive about everything around me, and I reached out to Lenise when I felt myself slipping, and she kept me together! Forever grateful and cannot wait to host an event!! 

Kathleen Delva

New York, NY


This was the first time I had heard of a manifestation party. I had no idea what to expect but I was looking forward to the new experience. I was blown away by Lenise’s attention to detail...from the flower ice cubes to the questions she prepared for the group. Everything was perfectly planned out. I was able to reflect on 2017 and manifest for 2018. I enjoyed sharing my thoughts and feelings but learned from the other ladies as well. I left feeling empowered and renewed. I’m beyond grateful for her sharing her knowledge and continued encouragement.

Lizette Baptiste

New York, NY

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