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              WE CreateShop is

We CreateShop Planning is the Only Accountability Service, Powering women to facilitate their own healing and shifting their perspective to perceive and attract Abundance, Peace, Joy, Purpose, Clarity, Success, Unconditional Love and all the core desires of your heart to your life. We CreateShop is your go to facilitator and accountability partner: providing unique activities, tools and strategies to support your

healing, encourage your accountability and celebrate your transformation as you 

realize Reality is a Dream WE CREATE!

Perspective shift Workshops

.With the belief that there are always creative ways to celebrate and be mindful, WE CreateShop brings together the fun of a ladies night out with the intentionality of a workshop. WE CreateShop is an abundant way to honor every life experience, milestone, and celebration. Designing unique detailed agendas and a soft atmosphere, WE CreateShop forge an intimate space for women to work on personal development. Using tools and exercises to achieve set intentions, WE CreateShop’s aim is to reframe how we think to a glass overflowing perspective: transforming our minds from victim to Creator, bettering the community and ourselves, reconciling the past and creating the joyous life we were born to live.


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Women Empowerment Creative Workshops 

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